TRX-4M 1/18 Land Rover Defender Crawler RTR

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Traxxas TRX-4M - 1/18 Land Rover Defender Crawler RTR - Velg mellom blå, grønn, rød og sølvgrå. Husk fargevalg i meldingsfeltet. 

RX-4M oser av kvalitet i en genial størrelse. Nydelige skaladetaljer, oljefylte dempere, LED-belysning, heavy duty servo og drivverk, frame rails i stål, tre forskjellige drive modes ++


Modellen er ferdig montert, lakkert og klar til bruk med unntak av 4stk AA-batterier. Et lite verktøysett følger også med.

Den perfekte størrelsen eksisterer!

Ved å lage crawler i 1/18-størrelsen har det gitt denne bilen større dekk, høyere bakkeklaring, større aksler og en kraftig motor fungerer sammen for å gi deg en god og robust kjøreopplevelse. Den innovative fjæringsgeometrien lar TRX-4M snu og manøvrere på en brøkdel av plassen som kreves av mindre 1/24-modeller. Spenstige, udempede fjærer er erstattet med silkemyke oljefylte støtdempere. Vakre skaladetaljer blir også enda mer synlige.


TRX-4M er designet for å utmerke seg overalt hvor det er en morsom vei å kjøre. Den smoode gassresponsen, motoren med høyt dreiemoment og 30 % tightere svingradius og 45 graders styrevinkel gjør at TRX-4M enkelt ta seg gjennom trange porter og andre hindere. Ved hjelp av større hjul, dekk og høyere bakkeklaring kan du virkelig teste ferdighetene dine i utfordrende terreng.


Introducing the TRX-4M, a new way to experience all the fun, adventure, and scale realism of the TRX-4 in a 1/18 platform. The TRX-4M bridges the gap between the 1/24 crawler scene and 1/10 scale quality and performance. Oil-filled shocks, steel frame rails, and powerful running gear give it superior capability anywhere you want to drive, inside or outside.


  • 1/18 Versatility and Capability
  • Oil-Filled Shocks
  • Class-Leading Turning Radius
  • Clipless Body Mounting
  • Waterprotected Electronics
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Rails
  • High-Capacity 2-Cell LiPo Battery with iD®
  • 2-Amp USB iD® Fast Charger
  • Heavy-Duty Steering Servo
  • Built-in Pro Scale® Lighting Capability
  • Licensed ABS Bodies
  • All-In-One ECM-2.5™ Control Module
  • Three Drive Modes
  • Powerful Titan® 180 87T Motor
  • LED Bumper Lights
  • Full-Featured TQ™ Transmitter
  • 4-Link Front & Rear Suspension
  • High-Performance Tires
  • Detailed Wheels
  • Front and Rear Spools
  • Heavy-Duty Center Driveshafts
  • Low-CG Battery Placement
  • Hex-Drive Hardware
  • Full Line of High-Quality Accessories

The larger 1/18 size allowed Traxxas engineers to pack the TRX-4M with more innovation and performance. Larger tires, higher ground clearance, bigger axles, and a powerful motor work together for huge leaps in rugged capability. The innovative suspension geometry lets TRX-4M turn around and maneuver in a fraction of the space required by smaller 1/24 rigs. Bouncy, undamped springs are replaced with silky-smooth oil-filled shocks. Beautiful scale details are clearly visible.

The TRX-4M is designed to excel everywhere there’s a fun path to drive. The smooth throttle response, high-torque motor, and 30% tighter steering radius allow the TRX-4M to easily take on indoor crawling scenes and precisely thread the needle through narrow gates. Outside, the larger wheels and tires and high ground clearance let drivers test their skills over challenging rocks and terrain. Adventure awaits on the trails as the higher top speed lets TRX-4M explore at a faster pace.

The full 45° steering angle gives TRX-4M an exceptionally tight turning radius and extreme maneuverability in small spaces where every millimeter counts.

The TRX-4M rejects the status quo of tiny, bouncy, imitation shocks and instead performs with the plush, long travel suspension feel from new GTM oil-filled shocks.

  • Easy pre-load adjustment using the supplied spacers
  • Double o-ring seals to prevent leaks
  • Long travel for full suspension articulation

Innovative Traxxas clipless body mounting is a game-changer for ease of use and scale appearance. The body removes and installs in just seconds with no clips to lose or frustrating hook and loop tabs to wrestle with. Tough, highly detailed ABS bodies feature molded-in color with a deep glossy finish that won’t chip or scrape off.

Molded Scale Details:

  • Spare tire carrier
  • Fuel canisters and jack
  • Rugged roof rack
  • Snorkel
  • Side mirrors
  • Realistic grille
  • Door handles

Wet grass, puddles, and streams that force all the others to turn around are no problem for reliable Traxxas waterprotected electronics.

TRX-4M performs like a full-size crawler because it’s built like one. A rigid steel ladder frame virtually eliminates flex to put more power to the ground. The heavy-duty driveline soaks up the motor’s torque with ease, sending power to all four wheels through spool-equipped axles.

TRX-4M rides on a sophisticated four-link suspension with heavy-duty linkage front and rear. Beefy front and rear axles have excellent articulation to climb over the toughest obstacles.

The all-in-one ECM-2.5™ (Electronic Control Module) incorporates all the features of an XL-5™ speed control, TQ receiver, and Pro Scale® Lighting Control Module into one sleek waterproof package. The ECM-2.5 features low voltage detection for 2s LiPo batteries and EZ-Set® one-button programming to select from three realistic driving modes. Smooth, precise control and outstanding throttle response allow drivers to navigate confined spaces and conquer the toughest technical obstacles with ease.

  • Waterprotected
  • LVD (low voltage detection)
  • Pro Scale LED functions
  • EZ-Set button
  • Powerful 6-volt BEC

Select from one of three custom-tuned drive modes using the EZ-Set button:

  • Sport Mode provides full forward and reverse speed with brakes and no automatic drag brake.
  • Trail Mode is the default mode on the TRX-4M. It is like Sport Mode but adds smooth drag braking at neutral for control on steep descents.
  • Crawl Mode applies full brakes the instant the throttle is released and allows drivers to continue through to reverse without a second push on the trigger. Crawl mode is perfect for that smooth scale look while creeping over technical terrain.

Pro Scale® Lighting Functions:
Easily add accessory brake lights, reverse lights, headlights, and more by simply installing the LED light kit and plugging it into the ECM-2.5. The lighting control functions are already built in.

Titan 180-87T Reverse Rotation
The big Titan 180 motor delivers rugged, dependable, go-anywhere power no 1/24 scale can match. It lays down the torque on the rocks and cranks up the speed on the trails for all-day driving fun.

  • Low-speed torque for technical obstacles
  • Fast speed to keep pace as you walk alongside
  • Mounts securely with a fixed gear mesh that never needs adjustment
  • Mounting position shifts the weight bias forward for improved crawling dynamics

TRX-4M’s larger 1/18 size puts more rubber to the ground for exceptional off-road performance. Detailed wheels and tires are sized just right to carry TRX-4M up and over real-world obstacles with stunning scale appearance.

The Defender’s® Canyon Trail™ tires are scaled versions of standard TRX-4 rubber with aggressive lugs for dynamic traction.

The Ford® Bronco’s® BFGoodrich® Mud Terrain T/A® KM3 tires are accurate down to the smallest detail with an authentic lug pattern and raised sidewall lettering.

TRX-4M’s 2-cell LiPo battery provides over an hour of runtime with Traxxas iD safety and simplicity. The specially-designed iD connector plugs directly into the ECM-2.5.™

2s LiPo Battery with iD:

  • Large 750mAh capacity provides over an hour of runtime
  • 7.4 volts of LiPo power for exceptional performance
  • Rugged, heavy gauge wiring for free-flowing power
  • Keyed iD connector eliminates polarity errors

2-Amp USB LiPo Fast Charger:

  • Traxxas iD technology delivers the perfect charge with no guesswork
  • Universal USB-A plug for convenient charging almost anywhere
  • High-output: up to 2-amp charge rate
  • LED progress indicator

TRX-4M Specs:

  • Length: 262mm (Bronco) / 279mm (Defender)
  • Front Track: 124mm
  • Rear Track: 124mm
  • Ground Clearance: 29mm
  • Weight (w/o battery): 468g (Bronco) / 483g (Defender)
  • Height: 117mm (Bronco) / 135mm (Defender)
  • Wheelbase: 155mm
  • Approach Angle: 54° (Bronco) / 52° (Defender)
  • Breakover Angle: 45° (Bronco) / 45° (Defender)
  • Departure Angle: 48° (Bronco) / 41° (Defender)
  • Shock Length (front and rear): 2.0 inches (51mm)
  • Hex Size: 7mm
  • Wheels (front and rear): 1.0 x 0.49 inches (25.4 x 12.5mm)
  • Tires (front and rear): 2.2 x 1.0 inches (57 x 25.4mm)
  • Electronic Control Module: ECM-2.5™ (Combo ESC, Receiver, Lighting Control*)
  • Motor (electric): Titan® 180 87T
  • Differential Type: Fully Locked; 2:1 Axle Ratio
  • Chassis Structure/Material: Steel Ladder Frame with Nylon Composite Crossmembers
  • Brake Type: Electronic “Hill Hold”
  • Drive System: Shaft-Driven 4WD
  • Steering: Axle-Mounted Servo
  • Radio System: TQ™ 2.4GHz 2-Channel Transmitter
  • Servo: #2065T Heavy-Duty Waterproof
  • Skill Level: 1
  • Battery Tray: L50.5 x W31mm

*Requires accessory Pro Scale LED Light Kit, sold separately

What’s In The Box:

  • TRX-4M® Ready-To-Race® model
  • Licensed ABS hard body
  • Titan® 180 87-turn motor
  • ECM-2.5™ Electronic Control Module
  • TQ transmitter
  • 7.4 volt 750mAh 2-cell LiPo battery
  • 2-amp USB fast charger with iD®
  • High quality maintenance tools

What You’ll Need:

  • AA Alkaline Batteries: Four AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter