PrisNOK2 990,00 inkl. mva.


Unique visuals of this American full-size van
deliver excellent backroad driving performance


Designed in the image of an American full-size van, Kyosho’s fun MAD VAN model combines retro body styling with a light and sporty chassis for pure R/C enjoyment. The simple design of the FZ02L-BT chassis uses fewer parts for easy maintenance and delivers strength and rigidity through front & rear stiffeners with reinforced ribbing and optimized material formulation on critical parts. In addition, the near symmetrical design and optimal front-rear suspension balance works in combination with the power source to produce excellent control and maneuverability for this type of model. Front and rear differentials, oil shocks and full ball bearing specifications provide performance efficiency to compliment its high durability and impact-resistance. Soft compound, wide large-diameter tires with inner sponges feature rounded shoulders to produce secure grip, not only off-road, but on sealed surfaces too, so this van can be enjoyed just about anywhere! As the MAD VAN is fully pre-assembled Readyset, only 4 x AA batteries for the transmitter, battery for the chassis, and a battery charger are required for the fun to begin. Whether going off-road or on-road, the MAD VAN produces dynamic performance to be enjoyed with its own unique style.

*Enjoy the direct acceleration of the shaft-driven full-time 4WD (FZ02L-BT) buggy chassis.
*Factory-assembled Readyset only requires 4 x AA size batteries for the transmitter, battery for the chassis and battery charger to run.
*Includes 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter with throttle trim, steering trim, throttle EPA, and steering dual rate settings.
*Two-bevel grease-filled gear differentials are equipped as standard on the front and rear.
*Large size dog bone & cup joints contribute to improved durability and reliability.
*Belt battery mount allows various battery types to be installed.
*Full ball bearing specifications minimize drive loss.
*Equipped with KS202W waterproof steering servo as standard.
*New design body is complete with print and decals applied.
*Wide range of optional parts are available for enhancing performance and customizing style.

Simple design of the low C of G FZ02L-BT chassis features a covered speed controller and receiver. The one-piece gearbox on the main chassis optimizes torsional rigidity and is made from shock-resistant lightweight nylon. Key components deliver structural strength to realize a simple upper deckless design.
Reduced number of parts and consistency in size and type of screws means a 2.0mm hex wrench can be used for nearly all flathead screws. This allows easier assembly and disassembly for maintenance.
Front suspension features optimized bump steer and scrub radius combined with reliable ball-connect steering knuckles. Front-rear and left-right interchangeable hub carriers improve parts efficiency and maintenance.
Oil shocks are equipped as standard and deliver stable performance in all conditions. Optimal front-rear geometrical balance realizes light handling and control stability.
Equipped with long 550 size 14-turn brushed G14L motor that generates enough torque power for wheelies when the battery is fully charged so the fun of dynamic big-tire performance can be enjoyed to the full!
76T spur gear and 20T pinion gear are designed for optimal big-tire performance. Wide range of gear ratios can be used with pinion gears from 20T~29T to suit various motors. In addition, backlash adjustment is made easy by direct installation of the motor according to the number of pinion gear teeth.
Includes large capacity KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE (KA060-91W) 60A speed controller with super plug (Deans) connector. Features three control modes: FWD/Brake/REV (default setting), FWD/Brake, and FWD/REV. Compatible with Li-Po battery (for safety, setting at time of shipment is Li-Po mode).
Angular shape of the molded polycarbonate body is designed in the image of an American full-size van style of the 1970~1980s. Large-diameter wide tires compliment the body design and deliver strong performance with the polycarbonate roof spoiler.
Soft compound large-diameter wide tires deliver excellent grip on a wide range of surfaces, from paved surfaces such as parking lots, to sand, dirt and even grass.


■Length 383mm
■Width 323mm
■Height 200mm
■Wheelbase 273mm
■Tread (F/R) 250mm/250mm
■Tires (F & R) φ110×70mm
■Gear Ratio 11.69:1
■Motor 550 size G14L
■Weight 2,050g (approx.)(When using 7.2V3600 NiMH)


<Readyset Contents>
●Factory assembled chassis with built in R/C unit
●Factory finished body with decals applied
●Syncro KT–231P+ transmitter
●Hex wrench 1.5mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm
●Integrated spanner 5 / 5.5 / 7 / 8mm


<Required for Operation>
●Battery for running
●4 x AA size batteries for transmitter