Avid B6.1 Carbon Steering Block Arm +1

Gir mindre ufjæret vekt og er en smart oppgradering på Asso B6 plattformen

PrisNOK59,00 inkl. mva.


Product Overview

B6.1 / B6.1D Carbon Fiber Steering Block Arms (+1) are made from 100% carbon fiber, increases Ackermann, and saves you a whopping 1g in weight! The +1 increased Ackermann allows the inside wheel to achieve more steering angle than the kit blocks. This reduces scrub and allows the vehicle to rotate better in the middle of the corner. This rotation comes at the price of less steering at the exit of the corner. +1 is in between the kit geometry and our +2 to help you better tune your vehicle, it is suggested that you get our set of all 3.


  • Kit Steering Block Arms <---- Less - Middle Steering - More ----> +2 Steering Blocks
  • It is recommended to sand the edges and seal the sides with super glue.
  • When installing, do one screw at a time so that the part doesn´t get pinched by the screw threads causing the carbon to split.


  • 100% Carbon Fiber, 2.5mm thick.
  • +1 increased Ackermann for better rotation in the middle of the corner and less exit steering.
  • A single notch on the side lets you know it is the +1.
  • Steering Block Weights (2) (Kit: 2.4g | Carbon 1.3g)
  • Includes (2) Carbon Steering Block Arms +1, (1) Doodad container, (1) Mini-Decal.
  • Fits: B6.1, B6.1D, B6, and B6D.